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06/01/12 State OK's Dow dioxin clean-up plan Michigan Radio
03/20/12 EPA grows community outreach program in Saginaw, Bay counties Saginaw News/Mlive
03/20/12 Our hands are tied Midland Daily News
03/19/12 EPA streamlines dioxin, floodplain contamination cleanup process for 24-mile stretch of Tittabawassee River Saginaw News/Mlive
03/19/12 Dow dam removal might be part of local watershed work Midland Daily News
02/24/12 EPA report: Dioxins can cause health problems for infants, children Saginaw News/Mlive
02/20/12 EPA praised for release of noncancer Dioxin Reassessment The State Column
02/17/12 Dow official: No plans to offer Saginaw and Tittabawassee riverside homeowners same property purchase deal offered in Midland Saginaw News/Mlive
02/16/12 Mid-Michigan environmentalist not satisfied with Dow Chemical's proposal to buy Midland homes in contaminated zones Saginaw News/Mlive
02/16/12 Dow agrees to clean dioxin-tained porperties Sacramento Bee
02/01/12 EPA misses self-appointed deadline to release official study on dioxin Saginaw News
12/13/11 Lone Tree Council to film Tittabawassee Saginaw Rivers advisory group meetings Saginaw News
12/13/11 Tittabawassee River cleanup near Dow Chemical's Midland plant to start in 2012 Saginaw News
10/18/11 30 percent of homeowners along Tittabawassee River declined EPA's early dioxin cleanup Saginaw News
10/17/11 EPA, MDEQ won't use U-M dioxin study in decision making Saginaw News
08/30/11 EPA to release lpong-awaited dioxin assessments in 2012 Saginaw News
08/29/11 EPA announces schedule for dioxin assessment EPA
08/19/11 EPA taking comment on river cleanup near Dow Plant Detroit Free Press
08/11/11 EPA seeks public comment on Tittabawassee River cleanup next to Dow Chemical plant Saginaw News
07/30/11 Dow faces $2.5 million fine for violations at Midland plant in 2005-2007 Detroit Free Press
07/22/11 Lawyers rush to cite Henry v. dow Michigan Messenger
07/22/11 Kirkland wields Wal-Mart v. Dukes ruling to knock out Dow Chemical toxic tort class
07/21/11 Judge blocks class action suit against Dow Chemical Michigan Messenger
07/21/11 Dioxin lawsuit plaintiffs intend to proceed with case, or cases Midland Daily News
07/20/11 Dioxin lawsuit denied class action status Midland Daily News
07/19/11 Saginaw County retired judge rules lawsuit against Dow Chemical does not have class action status, cites Walmart discrimination case Saginaw News
07/19/11 Thomas Township resident: Dow lawsuit result is "pretty poor" Saginaw News
07/19/11 Attorney: Dow is "happy" with judge's opinion on dioxin lawsuit Saginaw News
07/18/11 EPA offers many solutions for Tittabawassee River cleanup next to Dow Chemical's Midland plant Saginaw News
07/16/11 Dioxin contaminated island in Tittabawassee River to be cleaned by Dow Chemical Midland Daily News
06/20/11 U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service contaminant specialist critical of preliminary MSU dioxin wildlife study results Saginaw News
06/20/11 MSU study: dioxin has no adverse effects on birds, mink in Tittabawassee River flood plain Saginaw News
06/09/11 Judge issues draft order in Dow Chemical dioxin case, next hearing set for June 27 Saginaw News
06/07/11 Science advisers approve dioxin report but require additional review Inside EPA
06/04/11 Dow Chemical, EPA agree on interim dioxin cleanup plan for Tittabawassee River Saginaw News
06/03/11 EPA approves landscaping as dioxin solution Michigan Messenger
05/27/11 Dioxin lawsuit against Dow Chemical back in court in June Saginaw News
05/20/11 Ruling expected in lawsuit over Dow dioxin contamination Michigan Messenger
05/19/11 Dioxin suit litigants await class-action ruling WJRTV ABC News 12
05/13/11 West Michigan Park dioxin data expected next month Michigan Messenger
05/06/11 Senate limits state environmental protections Michigan Messenger
05/06/11 West Michigan Park, Saginaw's Riverside Drive will be retested for dioxin contamination after floods, Dow says Saginaw News
05/05/11 EPA to test for new dioxin contamination in West Michigan Park Michigan Messenger
04/30/11 EPA island dioxin cleanup project could be complicated by erosion Midland Daily News
04/28/11 EPA outlines dioxin clean-up plan for Tittabawassee River region. Does teh plan go far enought? NBC 25
04/28/11 EPA holds public forum Thursday at SVSU, seeks comment on Tittabawassee island cleanup Saginaw News
04/28/11 Flooding causes more road closures near Tittabawassee River in Midland County Bay City Times
04/19/11 EPA seeks public comment for cleaning up island in Tittabawassee River Saginaw News
04/18/11 EPA attorney: Resident relocation from Superfund sites reare occurrence Saginaw News
04/18/11 Dioxin study findings explained at meeting Midland Daily News
04/13/11 Congress asks EPA for Dioxin timeline on dioxin report Michigan Messenger
04/02/11 Medical officer: Tittabawassee, Saginaw river residents should get screenings, be healthy to decrease breask cancer risk Saginaw News
04/02/11 Study: Women living along Tittabawassee, Saginaw rivers may have higher risk of breast cancer from dioxin contamination Saginaw News
03/31/11 Study: Dioxin causes increase in breast cancer rates in Great Lakes Bay Region Saginaw News
03/24/11 Lone Tree Council says election of Granholm to Dow Chemical board is 'politics as usual' Saginaw News
03/24/11 Former Gov. Jennifer Granholm named to Dow Chemical board of directors Saginaw News
03/24/11 Granholm joins Dow Chemical board of directors Michigan Messenger
03/22/11 EPA developing response to public comments about dioxin cleanup Saginaw News
03/22/11 Dioxin community advisory group forms corporation to accept grants Saginaw News
03/02/11 Island in Tittabawassee may be source of dioxin, furan contamination Saginaw News
02/26/11 EPA extends comments period ondioxin cleanup to March 13 Saginaw News
02/03/11 Groups ask EPA to counter Dow-funded dioxin outreach Michigan Messenger
02/02/11 U-M eport comes as EPA reconsiders dioxin limits and protections Michigan Messenger
02/02/11 Ecologist, physician say U-M dioxin study lacks detail, needs further review Saginaw News
01/29/11 Pre-1980 dioxin link found Midland Daily News
01/27/11 U-M study says dioxins more problematic in meat, eggs than in Midland, Saginaw county soil Saginaw News
01/20/11 More reactions from Great Lakes Bay Region residents on EPA plan to clean up dioxin Saginaw News
01/17/11 EPA proposes landscaping as dioxin solution Michigan Messenger
01/15/11 EPA to evaluate 260 homes in Great Lakes Bay Region for dioxin levels this year Saginaw News
01/12/11 EPA holds public forums about Great Lakes Bary Region dioxin cleanup Saginaw News
01/07/11 EPA misses dioxin deadlines Michigan Messenger
10/31/10 New dioxin rules might force more cleanups The Chicago Tribune
08/26/10 Garabrant testifies no link between benzene, Non-Hodgkin's lymphoma The Madison/St.Clair Record
08/03/10 Enbridge buys homes along contaminated Kalamazoo River; EPA sends letters to Tittabawassee River residents WJRTV ABC News 12
06/10/10 Saginaw River dredging set to begin in Saginaw County Saginaw News
06/08/10 A new look at dioxin The Environment Report
06/04/10 EPA draft report finds dioxin seven times more carcinogenic than before Michigan Messenger
05/27/10 Don't let dioxin debate delay Thomas Townships turn for a boat launch Saginaw News
05/23/10 Thomas Township frustrated with dioxin delays to launch riverside park Saginaw News
05/21/10 Locals unaware of dangers of farming in Tittabawassee Floodplain Michigan Messenger
05/21/10 EPA releases draft dioxin report for peer review and public comment EPA
05/18/10 Dioxin clean-up citizens advisory group looks to better engage citizens Saginaw News
05/11/10 Dow-funded study warns of dioxin in local food Michigan Messenger
05/10/10 Reasons for the EPA dioxin rule changes are not clear Midland Daily News
05/07/10 Companies, groups call on EPA to review dioxin goal changes Midland Daily News
03/29/10 U of M refuses to reveal details of Dow relationship Michigan Messenger
03/15/10 Struggling newspapers promote rebranding of Saginaw Bay watershed Michigan Messenger
03/08/10 Findings from bird toxics study in Saginaw River watershed to be presented March 23 Bay City Times
03/04/10 EPA grants request on dioxin cleanup regulation Michigan Messenger
02/11/10 EPA deal puts Dow in charge of identifying dioxin hazards Michigan Messenger
01/22/10 Chemical industry pushes Dow funded U-M dioxin study Michigan Messenger
01/16/10 EPA, DEQ have dioxin agreement with Dow Chemical in place Midland Daily News
01/15/10 Dow, environmental agencies sign dioxin cleanup order Saginaw News
01/05/10 Dioxin Cleanup: audio The Environment Report
01/04/10 Environmental Groups respond to New EPA dioxin standards CHEJ
01/04/10 EPA strengthens dioxin cleanup goals Michigan Messenger
01/01/10 EPA seeks input on interim dioxin cleanup goals Midland Daily News

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