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Dioxin & Related Studies

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Click here to listen to more of the Dr. Linda Birnbaum (EPA)  presentation: "Dioxin, are we at risk?".   You are hearing a clip from the video when this page is opened.

As of 09/09/07

Study Sponsor Status Start Due   Background Results
Saginaw River / Saginaw Bay Sediment 'Hot Spot" dioxin sampling MDEQ/EPA Pending October 2004 May or June 2005 Background
ACE data
Bio-availability study Midland Soils Politician Moolenaar Vetoed by Governor Granholm Late 2004 Cancelled Background
LT/TRW comment
Granholm veto
Midland County Incidence of Diabetes exceeds state and national average - why? Midland County Health Dept Unknown ? ? Background
Diabetes & dioxin
Midland Area Health Study by Zip Code MDEQ Complete 1994 1998
ATSDR & MDCH Health Consultation: Exposure Investigation Report:
A Pilot Exposure Investigation: Dioxin Exposure in Adults Living in the Tittabawassee River Flood Plain, Saginaw County, Michigan            EPA FACILITY ID: MID980994354
ATSDR/MDCH Complete Jun 03 Due Dec 2004, released 07/13/05 Scope of work
Preliminary data
Final Report
T.River Wild Game Dow/Entrix Complete
ATSDR confirms findings that consuming game is a public health risk.  Initial Dow PR spin gives false impression game is safe to eat.
Nov 03 Due Feb 04, Released  Jul 04,
Endorsed by ATSDR Apr 05


Scope of work
Media Article
LT/TRW comment
Game Advisory
Feds agree
Final Rpt
T.River Aquatic Ecological Risk Assessment MDEQ/GES Complete Jan 03 Dec 03 CAP presentation
Final Rpt
Egg Report IPEN Complete Dec 04 April 05 Analysis of chicken eggs from 17 countries find T.RIver flood plain eggs dioxin content amongst the highest in the world. Final Rpt
Assessment of T.River floodplain residents opinion regarding dioxin exposure investigation MDCH Complete Feb 04 May 04   Final Rpt
Assessment of City of Midland residents opinion regarding dioxin exposure investigation MDCH Complete Feb 04 May 04   Final Rpt
U of M Exposure Pathway Investigation Dow / U of M In progress

As of 03/07/05, Study underway 10 months without publishing protocol .  Feedback from community indicates sampling protocol  being made up as they go. Protocol finally made public  3/8/05
May 04 August 15 2006 Background
Public opinion
Env Org issues
ATSDR 031204
ATSDR 040204
UofM 042004
UM CAP 082904

TRW Comments 081606

EPA says UM withholding data 07/11/07
Preliminary Results
Superfund Innovative Technologies Evaluation EPA Complete Dec 03? July 05 Description
Final Report
Research Project: Empowering Communities located near contaminated site cleanups EPA / MSU In progress...
Data collection
complete 2005  and sent to EPA which will produce a report in 2006
Apr 04 2006 Background 03/04
Background 10/05
Participant Rpt
EPA Rpt pending
Mass balance approaches to dioxin exposures in a Michigan River, USA MDEQ / MSU Complete 2001 Feb 03 MSU Powerpoint Final Rpt
T.River Ecological Risk Assessment
   -not approved by DEQ
Dow / MSU Overdue, was to be released in 2004.  MSU now projects 2008. Dow caught taking secret samples June 05.

2006 MSU PR blitz downplaying effects on wildlife years before testing is complete.
Sep 03 Early 04 Background MDN
Background MDN
CAP Q&A Sep 03
CAP Q&A Oct 03
Dow clarification
MSU Field study
MSU Powerpoint

Update MDN May 05
Secret sampling
MDEQ req for info
Pending, some done:
Eco Risk Soil

Owls contaminated

Insects  contaminated

Phase 1 T.River floodplain dioxin testing MDEQ Complete Apr 01 Oct 01 Background
Final Rpt
Phase 2 T.River floodplain dioxin testing
Note: includes bioavailability data of dioxin in chicken eggs consumed by humans
MDEQ Complete Apr 02 Jun 03 Background
Final Rpt
Phase 3 T.River floodplain dioxin testing MDEQ Complete Jun 03 Dec 03 Background
Prelim Rpt
T.River & floodplain Flow/Solids Monitoring & Sediment Thickness Characterization Dow Complete
Dow testing done in secret, regulators may question data as no split samples provided.
Nov 03 May 04
Released to public June 05
Scope of work
Changes in plan
Pjt Work plan
QA Work Plan

Secret Testing

Submittal letter
TR sediment

Sag River sediment
Flow/Solid model
Non-Analytic tests

Secret testing

GeoMorph Pilot Site Characterization Report for the Upper Tittabawassee River (UTR) Dow / ATS Complete July 06 Feb 07 Background Final Rpt
Dow worker dioxin study Dow In progress Sep 03 Nov 04 Background
PR Spin
Prev Mortality
Dow rpt primer
Pending peer review

Pilot Study Report: Oral Bioavailability of Dioxins/Furans in Midland and Tittabawassee River Flood Plain Soils

University of Missouri-Columbia
Pending MDEQ approval ? Feb 05   Pilot Study Report
Follow up Report
TERA Peer Review
Health Consultation: Dioxin Contamination in the T.River floodplain ATSDR Complete 2001 2002   Final Rpt
Baseline Chemical Characterization of Saginaw Bay Watershed Sediments MDEQ Complete Sep 00 Aug 02   Final Rpt
Toxic Chemicals killed all young Lake Trout in Lake Ontario for 40 years University of Wisconsin Complete ? Sep 03 Pictures Final Rpt
Dioxin and Type 2 Diabetes NAS
Institute of Med
Complete 1999 2000 Background Final Rpt
Evaluation of toxicity of dioxins and dioxin-like PCBs: A health risk appraisal for the New Zealand Population Government of New Zeeland Complete ? Feb 01   Summary
Final Rpt
Body Burden, the pollution in people Mt. Sinai School of Medicine / EWG Complete ? Jan 03   Final Rpt
American Peoples Dioxin Report CHEJ Complete   Nov 99 Background
Final Rpt
Dioxin Reassessment EPA Delayed 1992 2005? Background
Cause of delay
Summary Rpt


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