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Who is responsible for the dioxin contamination?

"It's very possible that the material is from historical Dow operations" Dow rep Jeff Feerer tells the Saginaw News 8/27/02

bullet"The most probable historic source of dioxins and furans in the Tittabawassee River watershed, based on the geographic distribution of the contaminants and the chemical profiles of the dioxin and furan congeners, is located in Midland, Michigan.".   Midland Michigan is the home the Dow Chemicals Corporations world headquarters. 
bulletThe above statement is item #7 at bottom of page 17 of the following document
bulletMDEQ Baseline Chemical Characterization of Saginaw Bay Watershed Sediments 8/29/2002 (pdf)
bulletMidland Daily News 8/27/02 article "DOW: Results 'surprising'"   Part 1 of 2   Part 2 of 2
bulletThe mixture of dioxins in the T.River Flood Plain soil have a distinct profile (fingerprint).  The fingerprints upstream of the Dow Chemical's plant in Midland Michigan clearly do not match those found downstream.  This is almost overwhelming evidence that Dow is the source of the contamination.  Click here to view the fingerprints.
bulletPublication confirms source of Dioxin: Environ Sci Technol 2003 Feb 1;37(3):468-74
     Concentrations of PCDD/PCDF in sediments and flood-plain soils from the Tittabawassee
     watershed were comparable to those found in industrialized areas such as the Housatonic and
     lowerPassaic Rivers in the U.S.

Of concern is Dow's constant referral to a "Historical" source.  Whether contamination is due to current or historical releases does not matter to those with contaminated property.

Dow has occupied it's Midland site since 1897.    One might suspect that Dow is in the process of legal maneuvering to avoid responsibility for remediation because the Tittabawassee contamination is from a  "Historical" rather than a recent or current release of contamination from it's manufacturing activities.

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